Articles on Romanism

Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Psalm 60:4
Past and Present Popery – by Rev. James Macleod
The greatest menace to our civil and religious liberties is from the Vatican in Rome! The Protestant people of Europe have been duped with heretical doctrines for the last one hundred and fifty years: and the most successful attack of all was when “scholars” in the name of advanced learning began their infamous attack on the Word of God.
Synod Resolution regarding The Church of Scotland’s Declaration of Friendship with the Roman Catholic Church
The Synod of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland met in Inverness on Wednesday 18th May 2022 desires to place on record its protest against the proposed Declaration of Friendship between the Church of Scotland and the Roman Catholic Church.
Is the Pope Anti Christ – by Rev. D. Beaton
IT has become the order of the day in Presbyterian circles at home and abroad to find fault with the statement in the Confession of Faith in which the Pope is described as Anti-Christ, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the Church against Christ, and all that is called God” (Confession of Faith, chap. xxv. sec. 6). Some of the largest of the Presbyterian bodies have cut out the passage altogether.
The Roman Antichrist – by Rev. Fred. S. Leahy
“The Greek word, ‘antichristos,’ is composed of ‘Kristos’ meaning ‘anointed,’ and the prefix anti. ‘Anti’ means ‘against,’ also instead of, or in place of.’
The Sacrifice of the Mass – by Rev. J.S. Sinclair
It has occurred to us that it may not be without profit at the present moment to give a brief explanation of the sacrifice of the Mass, and some account of the delusive errors involved in it
Sinfulness of being present at Popish Ceremonies
Surely no inconsistency can be more glaring that that of which persons calling themselves Protestants are guilty, when they attend as spectators or hearers, the idolatrous services of Popery
Popery, Resuscitated and Consummated Paganism – by J.A. Wylie
The plan which Satan has followed from the beginning in opposing God has been to substitute the counterfeit for the real. He does not forbid man to worship; he gains his end just as well by teaching him to worship in a wrong way
The Massacre of St Bartholomew – by John Foxe
AFTER a long series of troubles, the Papists, seeing that the Protestants had so increased in number that nothing effectual could be done against them by open force, began to devise how they could entrap them by subtlety.
The Waldenses – by Rev D. Beaton
THE history of the Waldenses cannot fail to strike a chord of deepest sympathy in the hearts of all true Christians. Protected by their mountain fastnesses in the north of Italy, they have lived in the old faith – the faith of the Apostles – the faith which we ourselves hold; so that, as witnesses for the Truth, they form a link between the days of the Apostles and, the present time
Charles Chiniquy’s Letter to Charles Hodge
The general indifference on the part of Protestants to the real character and evils of Romanism arises largely from the idea that there is a sufficient amount of truth and good in that system to justify it’s being regarded as a Church of Christ. Cardinal Manning truly stated that ”the Roman Catholic Church is either the kingdom of the Son of God or the masterpiece of Satan.” As it is most manifestly the latter, it is certainly not Christianity. The conviction of this must be deepened before much efficient work is done against the diabolical system. It is sad to see some prominent Protestants taking a wrong position on this subject.
Antigonish Riot of the 10th of July 1873 – by Charles Chiniquy
You do not know the priests of Rome. They are, in general, the greatest hypocrites and the most deceitful men you can imagine. It is when they tell you there is no danger, that there is the greatest danger; it is when they cry, Peace, peace, that you must prepare yourself for war. They are not only deceitful men, but they are cowards, they want to attack you only when you are not on your guard, and unprepared to defend yourself
Internationalising British Possessions – by Rev. J.P. MacQueen
AS one who, believes that Jesuitised papal Rome is reviving and manoeuvring for its final struggle and certain destruction I would like to take advantage of every opportunity to warn my fellow-Protestants to be prepared for what may yet prove the bloodiest and most terrible struggle in history. Forewarned is to be forearmed, and the struggle will be on a world-wide scale.
Perilous Times – by Rev. James Macleod
The curse of “TV” is another formidable enemy, which is largely under the control and direction of the Papists, which is most extraordinary. It is the work of Government offices, and officials – appointing Papists to control the “BBC.” And “TV.” It is almost impossible to explain why it should be so, when the Roman Catholic population is less than three per cent of the population of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The Power and Influence of Romanism
In Canada, it is notorious that it is Roman Catholic Quebec which has been, and is, fighting and opposing conscription in that country (see The Times’ leading article, 2nd February, 1942), while in 1939, Ontario voted 78-0 in favour of support to Britain if the crisis led to war, nine French Roman Catholic Societies of Quebec sent a joint telegram to Premier King saying; – ‘The entire population of Quebec (i.e., the French R.C. population) absolutely opposed to Canada’s participation in foreign War.’
What Rome Wants
ON many occasions, as our readers know, says the Evangelical Christian (Toronto), we had to point out some of the errors of Romanism, and to call attention to the desperate efforts of the Church of Rome to make herself supreme in the world and suppress every form of religious belief but her own. The strange thing is that Protestants for the most part seem to be utterly blind to what is going on. One can only hope and pray that they may awake before it is too late.
Romanism and the American State Department by Rev. J.P. Macqueen
The recent alteration in the Romanist Church’s attitude (towards USA) is undoubtedly attributable to her increasing control over State Department policy, so that now she is practically assured of the use of America’s armed forces, rather than advocating isolationism, in the furtherance of her schemes throughout the world. In other words, she considers the U.S.A. to be ‘the sword of the Papacy,’