Preached in Chesley, Ontario

4 Sep 2023Jesus in Gethsemane Matthew 26:36Rev R MacleodCommunion Monday
3 Sep 2023The Lord’s ways higher than our waysIsaiah 55:8-9Rev R MacleodCommunion Sabbath PM
3 Sep 2023Fencing the Lord’s TableRev R MacleodCommunion Sabbath AM
3 Sep 2023The sacrifice of ChristPsalm 40:6-9Rev R MacleodAction Sermon
2 Sep 2023Superiority of the blood of ChristHebrews 9:13-14Rev R MacleodCommunion Saturday
1 Sep 2023Wilt thou go with this man?Genesis 24:58Rev R MacleodCommunion Friday
31 Aug 2023Pilate asking Christ what hast thou doneJohn 18:33-37Rev R MacleodCommunion Thursday
31 Aug 2023God asking the woman what hast thou doneGenesis 3:13Rev R MacleodCommunion Thursday
30 Aug 2023Have mercy on us, O Lord, thou Son of DavidMatthew 20:31Rev R MacleodPrayer Meeting
10 May 2023Publicans and sinners draw near to hear ChristLuke 15:1Rev R MacleodPrayer Meeting
10 May 2023Christ the chiefest among ten thousandSong 5:10Rev R MacleodSabbath Service
7 May 2023Let all thy wants be upon meJudges 19:20-21Rev R MacleodSabbath Service
1 May 2023In the mount of the Lord it shall be seenGenesis 22:14Rev A MaccollPrayer Meeting
30 Apr 2023Christ heals the leperMark 1:32-42Rev A MaccollSabbath Service
26 Apr 2023My God shall supply all your needPhilippians 4:19Rev A MaccollPrayer Meeting
23 Apr 2023Death and hell cast into the lake of fireRevelation 20:14-15Rev A MaccollSabbath Service
23 Apr 2023By faith Noah prepares an arkHebrews 11:7Rev A MaccollSabbath Service
19 Apr 2023David acknowledges the Lord’s goodness in his troublesPsalms 71:20Rev A MaccollPrayer Meeting
16 Apr 2023Exaltation of ChristPhilippians 2:9Rev A MaccollSabbath Service
16 Apr 2023Superiority of the New TestamentHebrews 4:14-16Rev A MaccollSabbath Service
12 Apr 2023Christ’s dealings with ThomasJohn: 20:27-28Rev A MaccollPrayer Meeting
10 Apr 2023The culmination of God’s redemptionRevelation 22:1-6Rev A MaccolCommunion Monday
9 Apr 2023God is a consuming fireHebrews 12:29Rev A MaccolCommunion Sabbath PM
9 Apr 2023Fencing the Lord’s TableRev A MaccolCommunion Sabbath AM
9 Apr 2023Christ the Prince of PeaceZechariah 9:11Rev A MaccolAction Sermon
8 Apr 2023His desire is toward meSong 7:10Rev A MaccolCommunion Saturday
7 Apr 2023God’s glory and attributesPsalm 36:7Rev A MaccolCommunion Friday
6 Apr 2023Grieve not the holy Spirit of GodEphesians 4:30Rev A MaccolCommunion Thursday
6 Apr 2023The character of an evil manPsalm 36:4Rev A MaccollCommunion Thursday
5 Apr 2023David’s chastening bringing forth fruitPsalms 38:9Rev A MaccollPrayer Meeting
2 Apr 2023The grace of God that bringeth salvationTitus 2:11-14Rev A MaccollSabbath Service
2 Apr 2023The great and terrible day of the LordJoel 2:31-32Rev A MaccollSabbath Service
29 Mar 2023Good new from a far countryProverbs 25:25Rev A MaccollPrayer Meeting
8 Jan 2023The Jews reject ChristJohn 19:4-5Rev I MacdonaldSabbath Service
5 Jan 2023Brethren dwelling together in unityPsalm 133;1Rev I MacdonaldPrayer Meeting
2 Jan 2023The heritage of those that fear thy namePsalm 61:5Rev I MacdonaldNew Year’s Day Lecture
1 Jan 2023Measurement of time in connection with the PassoverExodus 12:1-2Rev I MacdonaldSabbath Service
1 Jan 2023The duty of the sinner to believe made plainJohn 12:35-36Rev I MacdonaldSabbath Service
29 Dec 2022He shall drink of the brook in the wayPsalm 110:5-7Rev I MacdonaldPrayer Meeting
25 Dec 2022Thy name is as ointment poured forthSong 1:3Rev I MacdonaldSabbath Service
25 Dec 2022The people come to Joseph for breadGenesis 47:18Rev I MacdonaldSabbath Service
21 Dec 2022Thou art a priest for ever after the order of MelchizedekPsalm 110:4Rev I MacdonaldPrayer Meeting
18 Dec 2022Rejoicing in the habitable part of his earthProverbs 8:30-31Rev I MacdonaldSabbath Service
18 Dec 2022Mary Magdalene seeking the SaviourJohn 20:1-2Rev I MacdonaldSabbath Service
14 Dec 2022Thy people shall be willing in a day of thy powerPsalm 110:3Rev I MacdonaldPrayer Meeting
11 Dec 2022The Son of Man to sit on the right hand of GodLuke 22:69Rev I MacdonaldSabbath Service
11 Dec 2022The impotent man made wholeJohn 5:5-9Rev I MacdonaldSabbath Service
14-May-17Behold the manJohn 19:5Rev. J MacleodAction Sermon