Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland in Vancouver

Vancouver Downtown

Presbyterian Church in Vancouver

A Psalm singing church in Vancouver, the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland is a reformed church that strictly subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith. This congregation has existed in Vancouver since 1916.

The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland is the constitutional heir of the historic Church of Scotland. The Church of Scotland (along with the Church of Calvin’s Geneva) was the most Scriptural of the Reformation churches. Therefore, the principles of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland today go back to the Apostolic Church. In addition, the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland descends from the Free Church of 1843, and the Disruption of 1893.

Minister: Rev. Roderick Macleod, Interim Moderator

Worship Services: Contact [email protected]

Please note that we have no affiliation with any of the other churches which use the name Free Presbyterian.

You can find the main website of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland here

Westminster Confession of Faith

The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland endeavours to preserve, in Vancouver and Canada as well as Scotland, faithfully the doctrine, worship and practice of the Scottish Reformation. For example the church practices exclusive Psalm singing, no instrumental music, fencing of the Lord’s table, strict Sabbath keeping, testimony against worldliness, and holding family worship early and late. Our claim to be Reformed in Doctrine, Worship and Practice is grounded in holding Scripture as our only supreme standard, and the Westminster Confession of Faith as our subordinate standard. The church proclaims the free offer of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Psalm Singing Church in Vancouver

The Book of Psalms in the Bible is the only legitimate book of praise in the public worship of God. Therefore, the exclusive singing of biblical Psalms in public worship excludes all hymns and songs of human composition. Moreover, Psalms are always sung a cappella (with no musical accompaniment). Moreover, the version of the Psalms used is the Scottish Metrical Psalter of 1650. The Westminster Assembly the reviewed the Psalter, and the Church of Scotland adopted and sanctioned it in 1649 for use in worship. Finally, this version of the Scottish Metrical Psalms is better than recent versions which attempt to modernise it.

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