Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Chesley

Ebenezer Free Presbyterian Church, Chesley.
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The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland congregation is located in the town of Chesley, which is in Bruce County and is two and a half hour drive north east of Toronto. The nearest towns are Hanover, Walkerton and Owen Sound.

Minister: Rev. Roderick Macleod, Interim Moderator

Worship location: Corner of 4th Street SW and 3rd Avenue, Chesley, Ontario.

Service times: Sabbath – 11:00am and 7:30pm ; Wednesday 8pm

Contact: [email protected]

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Note that we have no affiliation with any of the other churches which use the name Free Presbyterian.

You can find the main website of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland here

Extract of early history of Free Presbyterian Witness in Ontario

Rev. Neil Cameron was appointed by the Synod of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland to visit Ontario in August 1902, spending eight Sabbaths among them.

Rev. Neil Cameron at the Synod of November 1902 reported, “It may be dutiful here to notice the hardships to which all the unions known to us, whether in Scotland or Canada, have put those who value God’s truth above human amalgamations at the expense of losing the great doctrines and principles of the Word of God. This was really the case in Canada. Our people there are not schismatic, neither do they undervalue a gospel ministry. But they loved the crown rights of the Lord Jesus, the doctrines of grace, and the spiritual worship of His true Church too dearly to abandon them at the caprice of graceless men”

Mr Beaton in his memoir of Mr. Cameron wrote. “Mr Cameron ever retained the warmest feelings to those he met out there. Including some of the excellent of the earth, who are now, like himself, at their everlasting rest. This was the beginning of a series of visits from deputies from the Church. But, and we say it without disparagement of others, none made so great an impression as the first deputy, and we know for a fact that not a few heard the truth for their eternal salvation while the Lord’s people were greatly revived.

Ministerial supply was provided regularly to Chesley and Ontario after this date.

Surrounding Area

The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland congregation is located in Bruce County and is fairly close to the towns of Hanover, Walkerton, and Owen Sound.